Flag of Denmark(Source: Wikimedia Commons)


From Denmark’s capital Copenhagen to Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Frederiksberg e.t.c. There are no shortage of places to visit in Denmark but if you ask the average Joe to list five things they think they know about Denmark, if they are able to list them, they are either a genius, a well-travelled person or its inhabitants. 

Whatever category you fall into, be it “the supposed genius”, “the well-travelled person” or someone possessing little to no knowledge about Denmark, I can assure you that there are a lot of things and places you have never seen or heard about. You are about to be completely mind blown and booking your next flight and making reservations to relocate immediately to Denmark. 


Before we begin, there are a few interesting things you might find very interesting about the amazing country called Denmark. This does not imply that there are “few interesting things”, it’s just you’d find these ones particularly amusing.

  • Do you know that in the year 1809, war was declared on Denmark by a Spanish town called Huéscar, the town then forgot about the war for about 172 years, no battles were fought, no shots fired nor casualties? A peace treaty was then signed in 1981 when a historian stumbled upon the official declaration and realized that they were still at war. Now you do.
  • Do you know that in Denmark, it is not against the law to escape from prison. Weird right?
  • Do you also know that according to different surveys, Denmark is reported to be the happiest country in the world. Amazing.
  •  Denmark is considered the “least corrupt” country in the world.

We could go on and on about these amusing facts and it can become quite as distracting as the country itself, but do not fret, I’ll be here to help you navigate and possible give you more than enough reasons to visit Denmark.

Here is the first of Ten Reasons Why you should visit Denmark:

  1. The Wonderful scenery of the mixture of innovative architecture and medieval buildings.   



Photo by:  Malene Thyssen. via Wikimedia 

Denmark has frequently been tagged the root or base of scandinavia. Historically, it was previously the habitat/residents of the medieval fierce warriors, the vikings. Even though the current Denmark is a far cry from what it used to be in those eras of non-civility and constant warring, the Danish people have preserved quite a remarkable amount of medieval buildings. This in turn makes it more marvellous with the perfect mix of modern architecture with the medieval ones. There are many of these types of architecture sprinkled across Denmark and it may give you a fairy tale kind of feeling with their elegant castles and palaces.  Starting from the Ribe, Gilleleje, Elsinore, Roskilde, Odense, down to Bornholm, there are no shortage of these elegant structures. I sense a little hesitancy, you are probably bothered by the health hazards posed by such structures, but I can assure you that these sites are WHO standards and are good structures with support systems and adequate personnel. No casualty has ever been recorded. So feel free to tour the middle ages.