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Why You Should Start Travelling Today

In today’s fast paced world people are caught up in their daily lives; whether it is to fulfill their own dreams or trying to live up to the society’s expectations. A certain kind of rat race is going on.  The mental struggle to survive in such trying times is for real. What better way to unwind than traveling.

The idea of traveling can be intimidating for some because of the so-called hassles (read: availability of resources) it brings with it. But those who have been bitten by the travel bug beg to differ. Some will describe it as a liberating experience previously undreamed of others will credit it for a journey of self-discovery. Like music is food for the soul, traveling is therapy for it. Here is why you should start travelling:

Break from the Monotony

Everybody deserves a break from their tedious lives. Otherwise, people are nothing short of hamsters running on wheels going from home to work and vice versa, all the while moving in a circle. Travelling can be like a breath of fresh air in such a situation. A chance to declutter their exhausted brains.

Count your Blessings

Travelling introduces people to new cultures their customs and traditions. It also makes them appreciate the blessings that they have at home which they weren’t conscious of before like law and order, freedom of expression, cleanliness, and access to Wi-Fi to name a few.

Globalization has Made Traveling Easier

Because of the whole globalization phenomenon, traveling has never been easier then it is nowadays. People can now book their tickets without leaving the comfort of their homes and choose a place to live which fits within their budget with just a tap on their smartphones. These things were unimaginable in the past.

A world outside of your world

While traveling, people witness such breathtaking views that leave a long lasting impression on not only their minds but also on their souls. It makes them realize their worth in this large universe. At home, they are wrapped up in their own cocoons, worrying about paychecks, bills, their next promotions etc. unaware of what the world has to offer to them. Watching a sunrise from the Cape of Good Hope or a walk on the Grand Canyon Skywalk or a deep sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef can make them realize the enormity of the world and their worth within it. It can indeed be a very overwhelming experience.

To fit in the definition of the so-called perfect individuals, people often tend to forget what actually living is. If breathing, eating, sleeping and earning money is living then surely everyone is alive. But looking at the bigger picture, people are so engrossed in their futures that they have forgotten what it is like to live today, to live in the moment. Maybe the money they can make in the future can be predicted but can they say the same thing about their lives? So, instead of making travel plans after retirement or after accomplishing a certain monetary target, action needs to be taken now. So that when individuals are finally laid to rest it is their bodies only, and not their dreams to travel and conquer the world that are buried with them.

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Things You Should Consider While Travelling With Children


Travelling with Children

When families move together, they can share experiences as a group. It also makes family time together interesting. Travelling with children enables one to gain a comprehensive view of different places. It also makes it easier to meet people from the areas visited and they can be more welcoming because children tend to attract people easier.

However, to ensure that you all enjoy the background, it means that there will be other arrangements made taking it consideration everyone’s needs and preferences. It is also advisable to ensure that you avoid all the unnecessary expense associated with travelling as a group

Travelling By Plane is the Best Option

When travelling with children, the use of the airplane is believed to be one of the most uncomfortable means for both the children and the parents. This is because sometimes the airports could be very crowded which could upset the young ones. Also when required to use different flights, it becomes exhausting due to carrying plenty of extra luggage from one airport to another. However, the use of the plane is the fastest way to reach your destination and also it could be the only way to get to certain areas that you planned to visit.

You Can Save Money On Tickets

Airlines have different age policy for children and infant tickets. Children under the age of two are not allowed to sit by themselves. They are given the privilege of sitting on their mother’s’ lap. For domestic flight in some countries, an infant is not charged. However, for international flights, they are charged at 10% fare. In some airline, an infant is considered as individual passages. This means their ticket should be bought before flying. For the airline that does not facilitate for infant ticket to be booked online, parents are supposed to contact the call center or the travel agent to make the necessary arrangements for their ticket. Failure to do so could result to challenges when checking in.

These are children of the age of twelve years old or under travelling alone. They are always placed under the responsibility of the airline until they reach their destination and are handed over to their person at the check-in. They are required to seat at the back row where the flight attendant regularly checks on them. Upon arrival they are handed over only to the person identified by check-in form.

Book rooms with separate sleeping areas

If you are travelling with the babies then book separate rooms with the sleeping areas. This way you can put the children to sleep and have some alone time. If you are all piled up in one room you will have to sleep early with the children or everyone will be disturbed if your baby wakes up in the middle of the night.

Travelling with children and babies could be one of the most challenging experience for any parent. However, it is also one the adventurous experience. With all the struggles, when the trip is a success, all the hardship gets forgotten and the memories of the activities carried out together remain.

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Tips for Travelling to Europe in winter

Many from the Southern hemisphere and Australians are eager to experience the European winter, but they are not sure if it’s a great idea to travel during winter. Do not be discouraged from visiting Europe by the possible snowstorms, chilly temperatures and short opening hours to many attraction places. Following this few steps will assist you as you get ready to experience the best visit to this beautiful destination.

Opening Hours

Most cities in Europe major attraction sites are open throughout winter season albeit shortened often by opening hours. Visit websites of the tourist attraction sites that you want to visit to know the opening hours before you leave your hotel or home. This helps you organize your sightseeing efficiently. If you want to travel to the regional areas also check their websites first to verify their opening hours to avoid any inconveniences.

Limit Your Luggage

Carrying light baggage as possible always simplifies your trip. Freeing one hand makes it easier if you need to use an umbrella while you’re out and about.

You need to limit your luggage if you will be traveling by train in Europe. Getting on and off the train that only stops for a few minutes at the platform can be hard even when you have one suitcase so don’t add to the trouble by carrying unnecessary stuff. Platforms are covered by snow, maneuvering several bags through the snow can be frustrating.

Traveling through Europe in winter

In most countries, it is mandatory to have your vehicle fitted with winter tires during winter. Verify with your car rental company that they have winter tires installed and included in the quote given. If they do not have them, you will have to pay more after picking up the car to have it fitted with the right tires.

Significant autobahns and roads and city streets are cleared off snow regularly using snow, but still, you should exercise extra caution when traveling on the snowy, wet and icy roads.

If you are hesitant to drive during winter, it’s advisable that you get an automatic car; not changing gears is one factor that can ease your drive.

Traveling by train in Europe

Europe is known for its efficient train network, but bad weather can make the services to be affected. Ensure that you have a flexible itinerary in case you encounter any delays.

If your trip requires you to change trains en-route, have ample time from one train transfer to the other to allow still meet your time schedules even if you experience delays. Platforms are likely to be covered in snow making the transfers from one platform to the other to take longer than usual.


When choosing the countries, you want to visit in Europe during winter will be influenced by many issues. If your primary interest is to experience European markets during Christmas, then Austria, Switzerland, and Germany should feature in your trip itinerary.

If you want snowboarders and skiers, then find mountain resorts in France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, and Austria among others.

These are just a few things that can be exciting to do in Europe during winter. Much more are available.

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