Best Places to Visit in Pensacola Florida

Best Places to Visit in Pensacola Florida

Pensacola has closer connexions to the Deep South than to the rest of Florida through its popular culture, its inspiration, and even its cuisine. The Pensacola is known for its natural beauty and historical culture, but the new attractions and activities never fail to be hosted. I was talking with Victor over at and we got to talking about my trip to Florida so here’s an article about Pensacola! A famous destination where locals and visitors alike enjoy a wide array of experiences and adventures. Museums, outdoor events, fine dining, markets, concerts, and award-winning sugar-white beaches are just a snapshot of what Pensacola has in store for you, from the hustle and bustle of the Uptown neighborhood to the brick-lined sidewalks of Downtown to miles and miles of shoreline.

Book your sightseeing with this Pensacola Top Things to Do list.

Fort Barrancas

Fort Barrancas

Fort Barrancas lies on the Gulf Islands National Seashore and is one of three forts built in the 1800s to defend the Pensacola naval base.

The setting is not only historical but also stunningly beautiful. You will follow in the tracks of the soldiers garrisoned here as you walk on the hiking trails that meander across the fort. You can see camouflaged bunkers of artillery, secret passageways, placements of brick-fortified cannons, areas of food storage, ammunition depots, quarters of soldiers, and more.

And you’ll have one pleasure that the soldiers who were posted here undoubtedly never had: you’ll be able to enjoy a picnic in the quiet, lush grounds.

Historic Pensacola Village

Historic Pensacola Village

Historic Pensacola Village consists of 28 beautifully restored homes, four museums, and the ability to walk in the founders (also known as the Seville Historic District). There is so much lovely stuff to do for the whole family at this historical complex that you could indeed spend the better part of a day here.

Wentworth Jr. of T.T. The Museum, The Children’s Museum, The Industry Museum. Best of all, within seven days, your ticket to all these attractions entitles you to come back for free at any time.

Gulf Islands

Gulf Islands

Imagine stunning-yet barren-beaches extending 160 miles to Alabama and Mississippi from the Florida Panhandle. Imagine the seabirds’ calls, the calming sounds created on the beaches of fine white sand by the wash of the blue-green water, and the caress of the tropical breezes on your hands. Imagine a place where all the external world’s cares and pressures melt away and where you can once again revel in the simple joys of life.

Ok, all of that can be witnessed on the National Seashore of the Gulf Islands. There are trails and uncrowded campgrounds along this strip of quiet pleasures, kayak spots, historical forts, and plenty of wildlife you won’t find anywhere else. Once here, it’s the kind of location that you’re going to find difficult to leave.

Blue Wahoos Stadium

Blue Wahoos Stadium

Minor League Baseball at the newly constructed Blue Wahoos Stadium in Pensacola is Major League Fun. The Pensacola Blue Wahoos, who play in the Southern League and are a Cincinnati Reds minor-league affiliate, are home to this ballpark.

Ball games are just plain fun here. Some of the attractions include wild races, odd prizes, sing-alongs, great food, and the big Blue Wahoo mascot (a tropical fish in local waters).

You’ll also find a comfortable, casual environment that you generally don’t find at major league games, and, oh yeah, some pretty good baseball games.

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Why You Should Visit Denmark Before Any Other Country (Part 2)

Why You Should Visit Denmark Before Any Other Country (Part 2)

City view of Denmark

Denmark is home to the oldest and second oldest amusement parks in the world.

Two of the world’s oldest, historically accurate amusement parks are located in Denmark. The oldest being the Dyrehavsbakken translated to mean “The Deer Pasture’s Hill”, commonly shortened to Bakken translated to mean “The Hill”. It began operating in the year 1583 and is located 10 km north of central Copenhagen. It receives a total of approximately 2.5 to 2.7 million visitors per year. There’s also a bonus point, entrance into the park area is completely free and devoid of any form of payment, but rides and attractions require a certain fraction of affordable fee.

The second oldest amusement park is the Tivoli Gardens, it co-functions as both an amusement park and a pleasure garden. It started operating on the 15 August 1843. In the year 2017, it received a total of approximately 4.6 million visitors. A record high at the time, but unlike Bakken, entry to Tivoli requires a little fee for entry, rides and other 

attractions also require fees, affordable ones if I must say.

Beautiful Beaches In Denmark.

Due to Denmark’s topography and geographical location it possesses no shortage of breathtaking and captivating beaches. Ranging from child friendly beaches to the deep ones for adults, there are a variety of beaches to choose from. The beaches are characterized by  the sparkling and crystal-clear water, sand dunes, tall harmless grass, and the magnificent vast grayish-blue skies. There are a lot of fun things to do at the beach, ranging from building sandcastles, casting lines, collecting sea shells, enjoying a picnic with family, friends or loved ones, play beach games, read a book or write one, splashing, walking, jogging and playing in the surf, Take the occasional personal or social media selfies, or just simply watching the sunset and sunrise. You may also decide to go surfing if you feel you are brave enough to ride the current.

Examples of such beaches around Denmark are: Lønstrup Beach, Rømø Beach, Søndervig Beach, Bisnap Beach, Nordstranden and Blåvand Beach

 So, what are you still waiting for? Book a flight and enjoy the extravagant Denmark beaches.

The Museums and Galleries.

The Danish people are typically characterized by their level of preservation of culture, and this automatically extends to its art. The largest collection of Danish art can be found in the National Gallery of Denmark, there are more than six hundred years of European and Scandinavian art present in the museum. Works of popular artists such as Picasso, Edvard Munch and various others. Apart from the National Gallery, there are various other museums and galleries across the country. There’s the Lyngby Open-Air Museum located in Copenhagen, Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense, Viking Ship Museum (Vikingeskibsmuseet) in Roskilde where you get to see where the fierce viking warriors set sail. There’s also the additional benefit of enjoying the external beautiful sceneries of these museums and galleries.

Ease Of Access and Proximity to Faroe Island.

The kingdom of Denmark is a unitary state that encompasses not only Denmark but two other autonomous countries situated in the North Atlantic ocean. These countries are Greenland and the Faroe Islands. At a point if dated back, Iceland used to be a part of the kingdom. Farøe Islands is thought to mean “sheep islands”, the island is an archipelago of 18 remote islands. It has so many beautiful landscapes and an abundance of exotic animals plus the appealing incentive of the calmness of river banks. To be able to gain access to the Faroe Islands via Denmark, there is an airport on the island of Vagar which flies all every day of the year from Copenhagen or you can simply board a ferry from several ports in Denmark to Torshavn, the capital.

Cycling and Bike Riding on The Streets of Copenhagen.

There’s something really peculiar about the Danish people, they don’t joke with their bikes, they love them. Who wouldn’t? The bikes are climate-friendly, cheap, fast, convenient, healthy and convenient. Copenhagen for a period of time was referred to as the first official bike city in the world due to The International Cycling Union designating Copenhagen from the year 2008 to 2011. It has also  been ranked as the world’s top cycling city for two years in a row.

Their infrastructure and security makes it pretty much easy to cycle through the streets safe and without fear of harm.

The bike culture is not only limited to Copenhagen, it is prevalent in almost all parts of Denmark. A lot of Hotels and Resorts make provision of bicycles for their guests. If you are a tourist, the bike culture is not something you’d willing want to miss out on.

Fun fact: There are more bikes than the amount of people in Copenhagen.

The People of Denmark and Liberalism.

Denmark are its citizens and their attitudes towards foreigners and tourists. The Danes are one of the most peaceful and open minded people on planet earth, their liberalism, intelligence, compassion and irresistible happy demeanor is a charm that keeps people coming back.

You also get to absorb yourself in the country’s history, culture, language and diversity by making acquaintances and friends. Trust me, a few Danish friends may come in handy.

There are fewer countries in the world that are as liberal as Denmark, very few comes close in terms of its people’s open mindedness. Also, there’s a huge bonus in becoming a permanent citizen of Denmark, you get to benefit from the Free Education and Healthcare. 


Danish Food.


With the exemption of people with different allergies and vegetarians, as a tourist, one of the greatest crimes one could possibly ever commit is not eating or at least sampling the local delicacies. Ask anyone who has ever been to Denmark, the feedback they give is somewhat similar and positive, they all conclude that the local Danish food is nothing short of being superb and delicious.

Starting from Aebleflæsk which is a very popular traditional food consists of salted pork belly which is fried with the combination of  apples, sugar, and thyme, it may also be served on Rye bread. There’s also the Krebinetter which are usually made of pork and served with green peas and boiled potatoes. There are various others such as Frikadeller, Rugbrød, Medisterpølse, Smørrebrød etc. Your taste buds are in for a surprise. 




Visiting Denmark is pocket-friendly, it is a bargain and it leaves you with as much satisfaction as travelling to any of the previous tourism countries, if not more. The cost of travelling is also economically decent, the food is less expensive, the hotels are very comfortable, affordable and properly maintained.

As a matter of fact, the hotels are tourism destination themselves, due to their locations, stunning views, and amazing services. Mechanical transportation is also very cheap because most of the transportation done is by cycling. 



 The View From Your Airplane.


One of the first inviting beautiful imagery on your way to Denmark is the Landscape and Topography from the comfort of your Airplane. There are fewer  countries in the world that possesses as much soothing and incredibly mind pleasing view from the comfort of your airplane as much as Denmark, with the colourful islands, plains, long miles of coastline, vegetation, dense beech forests bordering on sandy or stony coasts, chalky cliffs,seas, the shores and  the beach outlines. I can assure you, it is a must see and a feeling to be experienced.

There’s also the advantage of the fantastic weather.

Looking forward to seeing you soon, “Hav en god dag”.

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5 Top Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic

You might have heard that traveling to the famous ‘Czechia’ is a worthy visit. It doesn’t have to be a conference or professional activity that’ll take you there. Decide to visit the Czech Republic for the things that all travelers want to gain from a trip.

Every year, a number of global tourists visit this country. And I can tell you that the cities are pretty great! Want to know why the Czech Republic is such an attractive visit?

Here are the top reasons to visit the country:


The Czech Republic is at the center of Europe. And that makes it easier for you to travel to anywhere else from the country. If you’re the kind of traveler who loves to visit more than one country within the vacation period, this location is perfect for you.

Peaceful Nature

What’s more, Czechia has a countryside that’s quiet and peaceful. So if you’re the kind of person who loves a peaceful environment, this is the right country for your visit. You don’t have to visit the large cities in the country. They could have very busy activities that make everywhere quite noisy. So if you lodge in the city, you can as well take a ride to the countryside to visit nature at its best.  


You don’t spend so much visiting Czechia. If you’re looking for one of the European countries to travel on a low budget, this is a good option for you. You can lodge in a hotel for €50 per night. If you aren’t a tourist who seeks the top attraction spots, you could find cheap food and drinks for €20 altogether.

Low criminal activity

Many tourists are concerned about their safety. It’s a good thing to be careful wherever you go. But trust Czechia to be a place where you can move around without the worry of criminals attacking you. It’s a peaceful country, and no one would disturb your movement during late-night hours. Early mornings are also very safe.

The Czech Experience

The Czech people are known for having interesting folk traditions. And this could be something of your interest. For over a hundred years, the traditions have existed. The people have forms of entertainment that keep you amused during your stay. You can’t get bored when you’re in the country. With the most popular destination being Prague, you can enjoy the folklore experience.

Visit the Czech Republic and add it to your bucket list of travel destinations. With that, you’ll benefit from everything that the country offers travelers.

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    Flag of Denmark(Source: Wikimedia Commons)


From Denmark’s capital Copenhagen to Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg, Frederiksberg e.t.c. There are no shortage of places to visit in Denmark but if you ask the average Joe to list five things they think they know about Denmark, if they are able to list them, they are either a genius, a well-travelled person or its inhabitants. 

Whatever category you fall into, be it “the supposed genius”, “the well-travelled person” or someone possessing little to no knowledge about Denmark, I can assure you that there are a lot of things and places you have never seen or heard about. You are about to be completely mind blown and booking your next flight and making reservations to relocate immediately to Denmark. 


Before we begin, there are a few interesting things you might find very interesting about the amazing country called Denmark. This does not imply that there are “few interesting things”, it’s just you’d find these ones particularly amusing.

  • Do you know that in the year 1809, war was declared on Denmark by a Spanish town called Huéscar, the town then forgot about the war for about 172 years, no battles were fought, no shots fired nor casualties? A peace treaty was then signed in 1981 when a historian stumbled upon the official declaration and realized that they were still at war. Now you do.
  • Do you know that in Denmark, it is not against the law to escape from prison. Weird right?
  • Do you also know that according to different surveys, Denmark is reported to be the happiest country in the world. Amazing.
  •  Denmark is considered the “least corrupt” country in the world.

We could go on and on about these amusing facts and it can become quite as distracting as the country itself, but do not fret, I’ll be here to help you navigate and possible give you more than enough reasons to visit Denmark.

You can also read our latest post about Pensacola Florida’s best places list.

Here is the first of Ten Reasons Why you should visit Denmark:

  1. The Wonderful scenery of the mixture of innovative architecture and medieval buildings.   



Photo by:  Malene Thyssen. via Wikimedia 

Denmark has frequently been tagged the root or base of scandinavia. Historically, it was previously the habitat/residents of the medieval fierce warriors, the vikings. Even though the current Denmark is a far cry from what it used to be in those eras of non-civility and constant warring, the Danish people have preserved quite a remarkable amount of medieval buildings. This in turn makes it more marvellous with the perfect mix of modern architecture with the medieval ones. There are many of these types of architecture sprinkled across Denmark and it may give you a fairy tale kind of feeling with their elegant castles and palaces.  Starting from the Ribe, Gilleleje, Elsinore, Roskilde, Odense, down to Bornholm, there are no shortage of these elegant structures. I sense a little hesitancy, you are probably bothered by the health hazards posed by such structures, but I can assure you that these sites are WHO standards and are good structures with support systems and adequate personnel. No casualty has ever been recorded. So feel free to tour the middle ages.

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If you would like to travel to the United Kingdom, but don’t have too much money to spend, worry not because there are many options that you can still explore in terms of accommodations, and things to do in this country.

This article will focus on giving you some tips regarding how to enjoy traveling to the UK on a shoestring budget. Would you like to learn more? Please do not hesitate to read on.


First, you have to make sure that you are able to plan things ahead of time. If you don’t have too much money, do not make reservations during peak seasons. During this time, prices tend to go up. You will be able to save money if you will end up spending half of it on accommodations alone.


Book your hotels or inns a few months in advance to save up some cash for your expedition. There are also cheaper accommodations available in London right off the bat. An example would be St. Christopher’s Inn, Greenwich.

If you choose this particular place to rest, you will certainly be able to save money because they don’t charge that much for a few nights.


In addition to this, you can also try to do things for free in London. There are many options available for you in this department. Here are some examples:

  •         Exploring the Tate Modern
  •         Climbing up Parliament Hill


If you have a little bit of money to spend, you can take a swim at the Hampstead Heath Bathing Ponds. You can either choose to do this or goal for a picnic up the hills. This is the perfect summer destination for sure.


  1.   BRISTOL

The next thing that you can do on a budget in the UK would be visiting Kyle Blue in Bristol. Here, you will get the best accommodations on an affordable amount while enjoying the sights and sounds of this particular part of United Kingdom.

You will be able to enjoy a lot of boat rides on the River Avon or get a walking tour of the city to get a load of the street art.


You can also visit Lake District on a budget. Here, you will get the best and most inspiring view of British landscapes ever known to man. You may even end up being inspired to write your own memoirs here.

If you are fond of the outdoors, there also a lot of exploring activities going on around the lake so you will definitely not get bored once you make this particular landmark part of your UK itinerary.

  1.   BATH

You can also visit Bath while in the UK. This is a good way to explore downtown London because you easily you reach this part of the city by train or bus if you want to go even lower. Once you reach your destination, you should definitely spend some time taking a look at the historical sites that bath has to offer.

You will definitely not regret your decision to make this a part of your budget family UK vacation.


These are just some of the many things that you can do while traveling on a budget to the United Kingdom. Just remember that whether you do this alone or with someone, the most important thing to do one on vacation is to make lasting memories that you will be able to share with your children down the line.

This way, you will certainly enjoy traveling even if you don’t have too much money to spend.

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6 Trending Traveling Destinations for 2019

A new year means new resolutions and newer plans for another 365 days. Travelling is always included in our new year resolutions, even if we traveled the year before. Traveling trends, for tourists, have been changing over the years and similarly, 2019 also has seen a change in the places people want to visit. Everybody has been in Dubai and its humongous shopping arenas. The majority has been to Paris and Germany. The search for ancient landscapes and ‘closest-to-nature’ sites have taken over. Six most desired places on everybody’s bucket list are mentioned below :


The land of pharaohs is the top travel destination for 2019. Egypt offers a vacation full of exploration and relaxation. The pyramids of Giza are an enchanting mystery for the visitors. The hieroglyphics in the temples and the mummified bodies are a site to awe at the advancement of the ancient people, in an era with no resources. You can take a cruise or boat to explore the beautiful River Nile. The Red Sea has resorts constructed along its vicinity, where you can enjoy the watersports. 2019 is the best time to visit Egypt because the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum is just around the corner.

Matera, Italy

This city is famous for its ancient-looking architecture which offers a very romantic ambiance. There is a variety of sites to explore here such as magnificent art galleries, cave-like hotels, splendid food places,and historic cathedrals. Matera is the cultural hub of Italy. This year the cultural programme will begin in January where thousands of artists will be performing live while marching along Matera’s streets. This will be a site to witness.

The Arctics

If you take a flight from Oslo, you will land in the world’s northernmost city that is Longyearbyen, within three hours. You can pack your bags for Arctic exploration from this very location. You will witness coldest temperatures, ice and icebergs, rocky shores and vegetation-rich hills throughout your journey. The best part about is that the sun never sinks so you can try your luck at sightseeing of whales, seals, polar bears and the cutest penguins.

Sao Tome & Principe, West Africa

These are two tropical islands on the coastal side of West Africa. Your visit here will be your dream come true because you will get to see the wildlife, the trees, the jungles and the beaches these Islands have. Don’t miss out the elephant rides and meeting the turtles at the beach.


This country has diversity in its landscapes and lifestyle. The rural and urban cultures are different here. The food and people of Vietnam are both heartwarming. There is so much to explore here.


Is there anybody who hasn’t seen the most aesthetic pictures of Santorini on Instagram and had not fallen in love with it? Greece has been flooding with tourists all year round. The tiny, close –knitted houses here in Santorini, all painted in whites, are to die for. The streets are tiny but spacious enough to take a stroll to the mountains. Hiking, paragliding,and rock climbing are only a few of the numerous adventures you will find in Greece.

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Travel Guide in and Around Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki is one of the cities of Japan that stands out among the others. The usual high-tech Japanese lifestyle is not to be found here, instead, it wholeheartedly offers serenity and ethnicity to its visitors, that is absent in the other cities of Japan. Nagasaki is located towards the northwest side of the island of Kyushu and is one of the port cities of Japan.


The Rich History of Nagasaki

This city has so much to show. The rich history of Nagasaki is embedded in its giant Catholic churches, colossal temples,and peaceful shrines. The daily life here is a combination of traditional and new-age,eccentric cultures. Where will you find a vintage tram system today, for exploring a city? In Nagasaki, that’s right. The food places here are very diverse in the cuisines they offer. This is the main reason why Nagasaki has tourists all year round, from all parts of the world.


What You Should Visit in Nagasaki?

There is a long list of places to visit in Nagasaki. Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) is an old yet oddly fascinating place to visit in Nagasaki. It is an island, shaped like a ship and hence has its name ‘Gunkanjima’ which means ‘the Battleship Island’.In 2015, it was enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Nagasaki. The Glover Garden in Nagasaki is a remnant of the 19th century and exhibits vintage Western-style housing along with an amazing hilltop view. Nagasaki Peace Park is so much more than any usual park. The debris from the WWII atomic bomb is showcased in this museum. Visiting this place is an experience in itself where one gets to know the deeper secrets of the tragedy that the people of Nagasaki had to bear.  Inasayama (Mt. Inasa) offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city from its top. It is almost 333 meters high and to reach the summit you have to take a ride in Nagasaki Ropeway. This place is renowned worldwide for the view it offers at night, and is given the name ‘the million-dollar night view’. The worship places in Nagasaki are one of their kind. These include the Sofukuji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, the Confucian Shrine and Japan’s most famous Oura Church.


The Food in Nagasaki

The food in Nagasaki is rich in its Japanese origin, unlike the food in other cities of Japan. The local and regional specialties of food are easily available in all food places in the city.  Champon/Sara Udon are a famous food item here. Champions noodles with chicken chunks and rich broth whereas Sara Udon is the crispy, dryer version of this. Castella is a delicious, soft cake that melts in your mouth. Omura Sushi is a bright, colorful sushi dish; another specialty of Nagasaki.

If you are planning for a vacation, where all you want to do is relax, eat good, and have the best time of your life, then Nagasaki is your next stop.

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